Robotic Bees cause a Buzz at International Drone Day

The Green Brain Project’s robotic bees caused a buzz at the International Drone Day in Brighton this past Saturday (7 May). More than 150 die-hard hobbyists and industry experts were gathered at Longhill School and Hidden Valley for a weekend of drone racing, displays and scientific discovery.

Read more here about the event and the GB’s drone controlled by a bee’s brain:

Robotic bees cause buzz at International Drone Day spectacle

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Green Brain at Discovery Night for the Kick off of British Science Week!

09 March, 2016

The GB team is hosting the “Bee-Hind a Bee Mind” booth again at Discovery Night. Visitors of the exhibition will get to play the Virtual BeePilot game and learn about robots, science, and more!


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How our drones are joining in the fight to save bees!

Check out this new website which explores the arguments on both sides of the drone debate. In this article, our drone expert, Chelsea Sabo, talks about how the Green Brain drones are joining in the fight to save the bees:

Drones Save Bees

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BBC Radio 4 talks to Professor James Marshall about GB

27 April, 2015

Aleks Krotoski explores the overlap between technology and the natural world on BBC Radio 4. Listen to the episode below and skip ahead to about 9 minutes in listen to him talk to Professor James Marshall.

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IFLScience Loves the Green Brain Project

20 April, 2015

The popular science Facebook page and website ‘I fucking love science’ talks about how: “Honeybee Brain Flies A Drone”.


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GB Featured on BBC Click

9 April, 2015

BBC Click’s Stephen Beckett reports on the Green Brain Project. Click below to watch the video about: “Why a digital bee brain is piloting a drone”.

In UK:

Outside UK:

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GB Hosts CNS Workshop

The Green Brain team is organizing a workshop at this year’s <a href="http://www versandapotheke”>Annual Computational Neuroscience Meeting in Prague. The title of the workshop will be: “Invertebrates as Models of Cognition” and is organised by James Marshall, Kevin Gurney, Eleni Vasilaki, and Thomas Nowotny. You can find more information about the workshop here.

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Dr. Marshall Invited Talk at Entomological Society of America Meeting

18 November 2014

Thanks to organizers of the 2014 Entomological Society of America Meeting for inviting Dr. Marshall to speak. At the forum for entomologists in the USA, Dr. Marshall gave a talk entitled “Green Brain: Computational Modelling of the Honeybee Brain” in the symposium on ‘Social Insects as Models for Biological Complexity’. More information about ESA meeting can be found here.

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GB Workshop at Bernstein Conference

2-3 September 2014

GB team members Thomas Nowotny, Eleni Vasilki, and James Marshall jointly organised one of the satellite workshops at the 2014 Bernstein Conference. The workshop was entitled ‘Green Brain: How models of invertebrate brains can inform our understanding of cognition’ and discussed how models of brains of lower taxa can inform us of the bases of cognition in spite of their inherent limitations of smaller brains and limited cognitive abilities. Speakers included Martin Giurfa (Toulouse), Barbara Webb (Edinburgh), Netta Cohen (Leeds), and more. Detailed information can be found at the Bernstein Conference Website.

BC14 Flyer

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First Demo of the GB using its Vision to Navigate!

1 July 2014

Approximately halfway through the project, the GB team has its first demo of the GB using its vision to navigate!! Here, you can see an AR Drone regulating its position from the wall using visual information extracted by the GB model. Next steps will involve demonstrations on our custom-built quadcopter (with better honeybee senses!) and using additional layers of the GB model to accomplish more sophisticated navigation tasks.

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